Growing Up in America

What's at stake for our kids? Find out about the Too Small to Fail campaign.


-I think a lot of people they know what it's like to be a kid in America because they were a kid in America. Being a kid in America right now is a very different experience. -Here we are the wealthiest nation in the history of the world and yet, we have tens of millions of kids who have huge hurdles to climb as they try to move forward in society. -We've seen a doubling in chronic health conditions-- asthma, obesity, diabetes, learning disabilities. -The past 4 years, 20 million people who used to be in the middle class have fallen out of the middle class down on top of this just only poor. -We're seeing too many kids who are born into poverty or born into working middle class families who can't get the education that they need. -Once had a kid is still supported with tutors and after-school programs, and yeah, I notice had a kid with none of that. They in school with 40 kids, a class of 6 books, no chalk, and that's wrong. It's not about your attitude, it's about your address. It's about zip code. Parenting in a digital age is a very different reality for all of us. The average kid spends 7-3/4 hours per day with media and technology. More time than they spend with their parents, more time than they spend in school, and it's 24/7. It just doesn't go right. -Our workplaces are now outdated denying parents the time that they need to be with their children. These stresses on families are quite real. -Right now on our country, black and brown kids are 3 times more likely to be impoverished. That means their educational attainment is likely to be much lower, their held outcomes much worse. You think, well, it's too bad for them. No, too bad for all of us because we're on our way to being a country by 2050 where the majority of Americans are black and brown. If we let all these kids slip through the cracks, we're letting the country slip through the cracks. -Every child in this country ought to have the chance to grow up to be well educated, well fed, have decent healthcare, and have a chance to succeed and build a family. -It is entirely conceivable that we've seen the last generation of Americans that do better than their parents. -We're living in globally competitive economy. It's not just what happens in California compared to what happens in New York or Ohio. -Kids in India, Brazil, Germany, China are gonna be competing with them for that next job. If you don't make sure that you got a generation that's prepared to compete with the world, they are not prepared to compete with the world. -If you look at our global competitors, they are making great investments in children at the same time that we are stagnating in our investments. -This is a generational emergency. I remember when they said our banks were too big to fail. You know, our children are too small to fail. -That why we started the too mall to fail campaign. We as a society have come together are parents, as educators, and citizens and say enough is enough. -We trying to tie this altogether to paint a broader picture of what's really happening with kids in America today. We need to realize that their health impacts their education. Their family income impacts both their education and health. We can't separate this out. -The good news is we have faced down challenges like this before, and we can do it again. Our grandparents faced much bigger obstacles and they were able to get over them. Why? They were thinking about us. They were thinking about their kids. -It's not just about policy. It's about changing America's priority and acknowledging we're all in this together. -If you're republican, if you're democrat, if you're rich, if you're poor, whatever color you are, the fastest way to come in ground is start taking about our kids. -Because if we are in this together, then we will restore the concept that every child born in America has the opportunity for a successful and fulfilling life. We absolutely can make that happen.

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