What Teachers Want Parents to Know

Sometimes there can be a bit of a miscommunication between parents and teachers. Here's what instructors wish moms and dads knew.


I would really like parents to know that we always, always have your child's best interest at heart. And when we give you news that's. Hard to hear or something that maybe you've never heard before, it's so important to ask questions and to work together with your child's teacher in school to, to help support your child. Well one thing parents do that bothers me, is. Talk about their children in the presence of their children, as if their children weren't there. I find it very disrespectful to children. I think children in our, in our world, in our country have rights, and I think they deserve our respect. Teachers are professionals, and now more than ever, because most of them have masters degrees plus. many, many more credits and, and educational development. So it's very important to respect them as professionals, and I understand though, that parents have anxiety. There's a lot of pressure on parents these days. So teachers must understand that as well, so let's meet somewhere in the middle. [MUSIC]

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