What Parents Don't Need to Do (When it comes to school)

When it comes to school, it can be difficult to find the right role as a parent. Here are some things you don't have to worry about doing.


[MUSIC] I think many parents go out and they buy all these prep books so they can do reading and math with their children. And I feel that. Although it seems very nice, I would just appreciate parents having their children understand the importance of school and of learning. Let the teachers do a lot of the teaching and leave the education, more or less, to us. Check your children's work. Show your interest. But you don't even need to speak English, you don't even need to go out and try to do homework for your children. Just be there, be a role model, listen to your children and I think. That would be much more helpful than going out and buying a ton of materials to educate them by yourself. [MUSIC]

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