How to Thank a Teacher: Gift Ideas

Teachers are some of the most important people in our childrens' lives. These parents offer their best advice for getting the perfect gift for your child's teacher.


-I think my favorite gifts are things that are really need by the children and from the children and show the true meaning and love of their teacher. -Make a card or paint a picture at home or, you know, something like that. Decorate a mug-- something personal that the kid has more evolvement and not just going on buying something. You know, gift cards sound cliché but teachers spend a lot of their own money on things like pencils and books and things for the classroom. So gift cards to offset those cost are really great gifts. -Usually for teacher's gifts, I try to get something unusual other than like a coffee mug. I tried to go to a gift shop and look for something that's a little bit different. I think the best teacher gift to give is appreciation and appreciation year-long not just at the holidays or the end of the school year or Teacher Appreciation Week. The best gift to a teacher is a hand-written notes saying you appreciate the work that they do. And if you've got great teachers, send them an e-mail and copy their principal. They have a boss too and it's nice for them to be acknowledged in a positive way. -The best gift that I ever received was a teacher-- a bag that I can carry my work back and forth to the school and it actually happen to come from one of the artist students that I ever had. So, it was very nice rewarding gift from her mom to say thank you for helping, you know, get her through the year.

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