Helping Your Child Succeed At School

Parents play a big role in their children's success at school. Help your kids do their best with these pointers from teachers.


[MUSIC] Independence is so important for children to be successful at school and the first thing is, Don't pack your kid's backpack for them anymore, it needs to be their responsibility and they can do it, they do so much on their own at school. Because the ratio is so different than at home, so have those high expectations for them at home, because they can rise to the ocassion. Another really important thing is character builder, and in this day and age, there is a lot of time spent with the screen. But one on one with an adult and you think supervised play dates. So important to help children be a productive and positive member of the community. Cuz that, none, sometimes children don't get that exposure until they're in school. So we need to give it to them early on. [MUSIC]

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