Back to School: Advice for Every Grade

You may be wondering what to expect of the new school year. Here's back-to-school advice for grades K to 5 from moms who've been there.


-My advice to parents who were entering kindergarten is really just don't sweat the small stuff particularly the letters and the numbers. It will come when they're ready. And by the spring, it all works out. -I have a first grader and this year, one of the big tips that I would give to first grade parents is investing in a lot of very short books, because first grade is all about learning how to read. -My best advice for kids entering second grade would be to have them to be more independent because now they are getting into higher grade. -Second grade is a big year for the Friday spelling test and Friday Math quiz. My advice, don't wait until Thursday night to get that spelling without to go over with your child. Start on Monday and do it in the card. Have a study corner with flash cards with packages of coins, you know, with no pads or whatever. Quite space to study and have them in [unk] if it's ready. -For parents who have second graders going into third graders. As a third grade teacher, my biggest suggestion is definitely have them read not only to you but read for themselves and get them studying doing just math practice. -We've invested in a lot of math games that really worked well; an allowance game, a math bingo game, math flashcards. Give them experiences because they soaked everything up and they're really-- for the first time I feel like really listening, really wanting information, really craving experiences and information. It's a great year to try to get to some museums, to take some trips. -My best advice for parents of kids entering fourth grade is carve out a specific time for homework consistently everyday because there's a lot of homework more than I've experienced in the other grades. -The best advice I have for parents entering fifth grade is do backup. I know this sounds crazy, but fifth grade is the time when they're really getting ready for middle school. And middle school is all about independence. -I think as a parent, just sort of encourage that they keep their homework together. They don't forget their books at school. You're not supposed to go back after school if they forgotten their science homework. That's their problem. And so it's really hard as a parent 'cause I wanna say in the morning, "All right, you didn't get your library book right back." I zipped my mouth 'cause this is all training for middle school.

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