3 Things to Raise a Successful Student

If anyone knows how to raise an academically successful student, it's a teacher. Watch as educational experts share 3 things that can help your kid be a star at school.


I think it's really important for parents to partner with the schools. Specifically partnering with the Administration and also your child's teacher. So if you're a partner with your child's school. It really sets your child up for school success. And in addition to that, you know, telling your child really positive stories about your own school experiences also really, really, really helps children to feel good about school and to feel positive about school. And lastly, it is very important that parents keep routines with their children, so setting a, a bedtime, a waking time, a time to do homework, a time for imaginative creative play. Also setting up playdates on the weekends. All of those things really help children. Try and be successful in school. [MUSIC]

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