Elementary School

Elementary school years are important. Help your child make the most of this educational foundation. Learn what kind of activities can support classroom learning and behavioral expectations.

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​​Teacher Reads to Students on Facebook Live 1 Day After Brain Surgery: 'I Wanted to See You'
"I just want you to know that I love you and I miss you," K.D. Meucci, a fourth-grade teacher in Pennsylvania, told her students during a Facebook Live video.
First-Grade Boy Insists on Keeping His Mask on for School Picture: 'I Always Listen to My Mom'
"I'm so proud of him for sticking to his word but I should have been more clear about my rules on this day," said Mason's mom, Nicole Peoples.
Michigan Dad Files $1M Lawsuit Against School After Employee Cut 7-Year-Old Biracial Daughter's Hair
Jimmy Hoffmeyer previously transferred his daughter to another school after her hair was cut without his permission.
4 New Trends That Help Parents Save on Back-to-School Expenses
The average family with K-12 kids will spend $850 this year on school supplies—that's a record. Here's how to hack the back-to-school spending system.
Reddit Thread Reveals How Complicated the Decision to Send Kids Back to School in-Person Really Is For Parents
Real parents are sounding off on their choices regarding in-person schooling for their kids—and it's a very real example of how nuanced this decision is.
5 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Back-to-School Supplies 
This year, parents are especially excited to send our kids back to the classroom—and thus may get overzealous on the back-to-school shopping. Try these tactics to save major money on school supplies.

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What Kids Should Know Before Kindergarten
If you're enrolling your child in school for the first time this fall, these are the basic kindergarten requirements they'll be expected to know.
3 Ways to Make Your Child's School More LGBTQ+ Friendly
Parents and adult caregivers are the greatest advocates to help children feel supported and included in their education. Here are ways you can work with your school's administration to bring representation into the classroom.

Why School Districts Are Rethinking Gifted & Talented Programs

For decades, researchers have shown that students who gain entry into gifted education programs are disproportionately white or Asian American. New York City's mayor has even released plans to phase out the gifted and talented programs because of the opportunity gap. But other school districts and experts are finding different solutions.