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Help Your Kids Organize Their Homework (or at Least Try!) With These Adorable Desk Accessories

Desk organizers and paper storage solutions eliminate the clutter, keeping everything kids need close at hand.
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Our kids' study spaces at home have undergone a few transformations, to say the least, over the last couple of years. We're betting that every kid's desk could use a bit of sprucing up this fall. Though we're hoping children will be doing a majority of their schoolwork in school, homework is still a challenge. With some practical storage solutions and kids' desk organizers, and even some extra cute desk accessories, studying at home can be less of a headache.

Desk Organizers and Accessories Help Kids With Homework

A little desk organization goes a long way with kids. How many minutes go wasted looking for the right pencil, pencil sharpener, piece of paper, and markers when it's time to start homework? How much of their desk is piled high with papers? Are you sure which of those papers need to be turned in and which have already been graded? If you have good storage solutions for their work and reliable desk accessories for the tools they need to get it done, there's a lot less distracting them from doing so. What's more, making your child or teen's study space fun and reflective of their tastes and personalities can take away some of their reluctance to sit down and stay there for a while. That could mean pencil holders that look like furry woodland creatures or Darth Vader. It could also mean having space for them to hang posters, photos of their friends, and even encouraging notes from their favorite teachers. Fortunately, you can accomplish all of this for not much money, and have it all quickly delivered to your door before those papers really start to avalanche.

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Tranchou Pencil Holder for Desk

Your kids will be able to fit all their pencils and markers in one place, after you easily assemble this adorable organizer. The bunny rabbit makes for a great device holder for video calls, too. 

To buy: Tranchou Pencil Holder for Desk, $13.99 (originally $19.99);

Original Woodcraft Murphy Dinette with Chalkboard

One way to make sure there's always space to do homework is to avoid turning their desk into one more surface on which to place things instead of putting them away. This handmade table includes shelves and a space for you to fold up the desk when the homework is done. You can reward your kids with special notes on the built-in chalkboard, too.

To buy: Original Woodcraft Murphy Dinette with Chalkboard, $387;

Tnelteub Rose Gold Desk Organizer 

This mesh metal setup allows you to stash a few textbooks, notebooks, and folders alongside the office supplies you want to be easily accessible while your kiddo is working. It's probably got room for some fun things, like stamps, washi tape, and stickers, too.

To buy: Tnelteub Rose Gold Desk Organizer, $29.79;

Scrivana Cute Bear Mini Desktop Organizer

Is this a desk organizer or a friendly visitor from another planet? Pens fit in it either way.

To buy: Scrivana Cute Bear Mini Desktop Organizer, $17.32;

Ohhoi Office Supplies Desktop Storage Box

Handmade from German beech wood, this box will hold just the right number of pens and pencils to get the job done without providing too many choices. The bigger slot fits a phone, a calculator, or a notepad.

To buy: Ohhoi Office Supplies Desktop Storage Box, $25.94;

Made by Design Mesh Additional Wall Organization Tools 

When desk space is limited, sometimes the best solution is to store your pencils and notebooks on the wall, which you can do with this metal mesh accessory. 

To buy: Made by Design Mesh Additional Wall Organization Tools, $16.99;

Promi Design Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer

Three wooden pieces form to make one place to store a phone, calculator, writing implements, sticky notes, scissors, and more. It's a grown-up craftsman aesthetic some mature-beyond-their-years kids will enjoy.

To buy: Promi Design Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer, $35;

Godery Desktop File Folder Tote

Not all kids can or want to work in the same workspace every day. This tote—which has five exterior pockets and one big central compartment—allows them to move around the house, or to other locations, with everything they need to study and do their homework. 

To buy: Godery Desktop File Folder Tote, $14.99;

Darth Vader Pen/Pencil Holder

This holder for a single pencil or pen won't do a lot in the way of organizing a desk, but it will make sitting down in front of one feel slightly sillier, in the best possible way.

To buy: Darth Vader Pen Pencil Holder, $14.38;

MinkyMoo Ceramics Fox Pen Pot

Give this little pot to someone who deserves an extra-cute companion while they do their work.

To buy: MinkyMoo Ceramics Fox Pen Pot, $51.43;

Mind Reader Desk Organizer With Four Sliding Trays

As kids get older, the paperwork grows. Help them keep track of all the work for different subjects on their desk with trays like this one.

To buy: Mind Reader Desk Organizer With Four Sliding Trays, $22.99;

Credit: Container Store

Connecting Storage Bins

Buy plastic bins like this and line them up for easy sorting and storing books, notebooks, and folders that can go on a desk or nearby bookshelves.

To buy: Connecting Storage Bin, $3.99;

Credit: Container Store

Poppin Slate Blue Three-Drawer Filing Cabinet

Let kids feel all grown up as they stash their notes, report cards, college brochures, and more in a filing cabinet that looks so much better than your old metal gray ones at the office.

To buy: Poppin Slate Blue Three-Drawer Filing Cabinet, $259.99;

Credit: Container Store

Multi-Color 13-Pocket Accordion Letter File

This is a more portable and affordable way to store work from the year for multiple kids. They'll have no excuses for losing assignments now! 

To buy: Multi-Color 13-Pocket Accordion Letter File, $9.99;

Credit: Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Angled Catch-All Bookcase

Books, art supplies, and paper will all look like part of your planned décor when stored in this clean, white bookcase

To buy: Angled Catch-All Bookcase, $329;