What Your Child Will Learn in Second Grade

Your child is ready for more complex learning in second grade. By the time the school year is finished, she will be able to write paragraphs, do 2-digit addition and subtraction, and learn how to tell time.


[MUSIC] When children move into second grade you'll see that their knowledge and skills have become much stronger. They'll be reading longer texts, and moving into chapter books. When they're writing, we'll move past writing short sentences and short paragraphs into full stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end. While they're writing you'll notice that they're still practicing their spelling, but they're starting to catch their errors, and fix their errors. So this showed that they have a strong understanding of letter recognition and letter sounds. In math they'll be given rulers, and they'll start to use rulers and tape measures to measure different objects in the classroom and really hone in on that understanding of the concept of measurement. They'll start to do more complex math with two, three and four digit numbers. The children will start to explore the concept of time beyond the hour, and start to explore both 15 and 30 minutes past the hour. When your children leave second grade, they will have a strong and complex repertoire of knowledge and skills, which will set them up for a higher order of thinking for the rest of elementary school. [MUSIC]

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