What Your Child Will Learn in Kindergarten

These days, kindergarten has more of an academic focus than it did in the past. Your little learner will be reading, writing, and learning basic math, while still having time for fun during her school year in kindergarten.


[MUSIC] Kindergarten is a natural transition from pre-school. At this point in the children's learning, there's a nice balance between creative play and exploration, and more formal instruction. What you'll find in kindergarten, is children will start to learn what we call sight words, or I've heard them called popcorn words before, because they pop up everywhere the kids are. So these are words that children see all the time. They'll learn how to recognize them and spell them. They will hone in on their letter cognition skills. Start to learn different sounds. And eventually, start to put letters together to form words. Children's math skills also start to increase. They sort and they count different manipulatives. And during this manipulative experience, they actually start to do some simple addition and subtraction. The key to kindergarten is that they are exposed to times to read, and times to write, and times to play, in a more structured environment. You'll find too that the children will be given journals. And they'll move in a natural progression from drawing pictures, to labeling the picture with a letter, to writing the word and then eventually to writing simple sentences. These basic reading, writing, and Math skills, that the children practice in kindergarten, sets them up for more complex learning, and complex instruction, as they continue through elementary school [MUSIC]

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