What Your Child Will Learn in First Grade

First grade is a huge learning year for your child. He will build on his reading, writing, and math skills, and playtime won't be as prevalent during this crucial school year.


[MUSIC] First grade is a time when children begin to do more complex thinking. They take the basic skills that they learned in kindergarten and they've been practicing and they start to apply it to more abstract and complex concepts. You'll find that they know thousands of words at this point. They'll begin to spell two and three and four letter words. They'll write sentences. And usually by the end of first grade, they can write a short paragraph. They will think beyond basic math computation. They'll start to explore things like greater than, less than. They'll be introduced to the concept of place value. And a key math concept that they will start to explore is measurement. But they will measure with things like blocks, paper clips, pencils. So they start to understand that objects can be measured. So later when they're given a ruler, that actually makes some sense. The key to first grade is that the children have taken their basic skills and their basic concepts, and they're starting to apply it to more complex thinking.

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