Comedian Susannah B. Lewis' re-enactment of her school drop-off experience is going viral thanks to all-too-real lines like, "We been at school a week, and she is STILL taking pictures of him. Oh, my lawd."


Back to school season is about to be in full effect, which means most parents will be rattling off laundry lists of the annoying, stressful, and downright ridiculous things they encounter while sitting in their kid's school drop-off or pick-up line. And that's why comedian and author Susannah B. Lewis' latest video is going viral. Titled, "Drop off woes for my moms who clearly aren't morning people" is going viral, having wracked up nearly 9 million views in the last two weeks. 

In the all too relatable clip, Lewis, who is behind the Facebook page "Whoa Susannah," delivers hilariously biting commentary like, "Look at her. She been up, dressed, worked out this morning, took a shower. Overachiever," and "We been at school a week and she is STILL taking pictures of him. Oh, my lawd," not to mention, "PULL UP TO THE CONE." Ha.

You have to see it for yourself.

Judging from the funny comments on the video, there's no denying that the drop-off struggle is a widespread issue.

One follower wrote, "Can’t all schools just make huge signs starting at the back of the drop off area that say things like, 'get ready!' "here we go, unbuckle!' 'last chance for kisses!' 'bags on, assume positions' prepare to exit the vehicle in 50 ft' 'TUCK AND ROLL!!!'....? Please?" Another said, "Amen!!! My kids exit the van like paratroopers. We slide up, the van door goes open, and I'm all 'GO, GO, GO!!! I LOVE YOU! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!' as the door is closing and I'm rolling out."

Obviously, a sense of humor is one "supply" everyone could all stand to have heading into the school year!