The Parent's Role During School Years

How involved are you in your child's academic life? Teachers share their ideas on what a parent's role should be during the school years.


[MUSIC] Social and emotional development is, by far, my most precious piece of, of working with people little people. I don't call them children, I think that they are, in fact, little people invited into this world. And I think that we empower. These people with a voice and confidence, and it's up to us to remember that we as adults had the opportunity to go through kindergarten, and first grade, and second and all the way up and your child has not. So when your child is going through their first years of school, up until college, let your child enjoy the journey. Remember it's your child's opportunities. Your child may not know to open up doors for him or herself, and that's where you come in as a parent. But it's so important to let your child have the experience. To just be, and to explore, and to discover. And to know that if I fall, I can pick myself up and try again, and nothing terrible is gonna happen. [MUSIC]

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