The Memphis, Tennessee teacher alerted students that they "will ONLY have 2 passes for the ENTIRE month ... to go to the Bathroom, Nurse, speak with Admin or to get water."

By Maressa Brown
September 07, 2018
Empty classroom
Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images

A new school year of course brings new challenges for kids and parents alike. For families in Memphis, Tennessee, one teacher's eyebrow-raising hall pass policy has lead to upset families and national headlines. Parents of an eighth grader at charter school Aspire Hanley Middle School found out that a teacher, who is referred to only as Mrs. White, had shared a note with her class explaining a monthly limit on hall passes. Apparently, kids in Mrs. White's class can only use a hall pass twice a month—for anything from going to the nurse to getting a drink of water to using the bathroom.

The teacher reportedly asked students to sign the letter outlining these rules. The agreement asked students to acknowledge that if they do not comply with the terms, they may face detention or "a zero on whatever assignment [the student] decide[s] to walk out on," according to BuzzFeed News.

A Memphis native named Jaadee Sykes shared a copy of the note on Twitter. 

"I understand that Mrs. White is petty and although we both have options, I can be denied going to the restroom/water/nurse during the lesson," the teacher wrote in the note. "If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to speak with Mrs. White before or after-school, although nothing will change."

Since Sykes posted the photo of the note on Twitter, people on the social media platform have chimed in with their reactions of horror, distress, and anger. "I thought this kind of torment had gone away decades ago. When I taught 8th grade, the kids could go as often as they needed," one former teacher wrote. "Nobody abused it. (Maybe her students hate her class?) I still remember projectile vomiting in 9th grade after being told I couldn't go to the nurse."

Another wrote, "Yeah, it sounds like this teacher thinks she’s the students’ nemesis rather than their ally. Also, how foolish to say 'Please come talk to me, but nothing will change.' I think she likes flexing her muscles to those she has power over."

One mom shared, "Yes, lets all make poor children hold their bladders bc them going to the restroom is a nuisance for you. My child has my permission to walk out of whoever’s class if they tell him he cant go. Get the f*** out of here."

Aspire Hanley Middle School has responded to the brouhaha, reassuring parents that Mrs. White's policy is "inconsistent" with the school's rules. "We are currently reviewing the circumstances under which the document was prepared and distributed to students," the school wrote on Facebook. "Please know the safety and care of our students is always our first priority. It is important that students know we respect them and are responsive to their needs."

Although it appears the school is investigating the incident, no further information about actions taken against the teacher have been reported. FOX News reached out to Aspire Public Schools Superintendent Nickalous Manning on Friday afternoon, and he did not immediately return their request for comment. With hope, this public backlash serves to right a clearly unacceptable situation.