Surprising Tips For School Readiness

Looking for ways to get your cutie ready for her first day in the classroom? Here are some surprising tips for school readiness straight from teachers.


[MUSIC] For school readiness in terms of social emotional components, I just would encourage parents to love, love your children up. I mean, they, you are their universe. They, they want your love, they want your approval. That doesn't mean that you should praise to the moon and back for every motion they make for breath they take, but give them positive attention when they do something that's helpful for the family tell them you've just done something really helpful, or when they do something that's kind to a friend or a sibling say you know you, you just did something really kind, I think you made your brother or sister feel really good and how, how does that make you feel. I think giving children an emotional vocabulary is really important in, in helping them socialize and also in helping them come to know who they are as people. As, as my director always says, you know, acknowledge and receive. Acknowledge your children for who they are and receive them for who they are. And then as you go on living together, you build the strengths, and you, you work on the strengths, and you work on the weakness, as well. [MUSIC]

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