Surprising Tip on Learning Math

Learning math doesn't have to be a struggle. Here is a surprising tip to help make lessons better for your child.


[MUSIC] I never realized how much I enjoyed math until I started teaching. Because it always seemed very daunting to me, numbers and shapes and what are you supposed to do with all of this? The reality is it's real world. Take your tot out on a. Straight and look down, and what you see what are the, the tessellations what are, how many do you see can you count the tessellations and what shapes are involved in the tessellations. Take them to the museum and go to the history museum and count how many dinosaur bones you see. The idea of making everything as real world. As possible is the most important. I am completely anti having a child sit down at a table with paper and pencil before they're four years old. Everything can be done outside in the real world. At a grocery store, having them help you pick out five strawberries, and four grapefruits. And how many does that make all together? Just taking them to a farmer's market and bringing the world to your child. I think, and it goes back to reading as well. Just making everything wholesome. As wholesome as possible and making it lively I think is most important. [MUSIC]

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