Laurel Boone Hutsell, a mom from the St. Louis area, took to Facebook to share what happened when her son wore a green shirt in front of his school's green screen portrait set-up.

By Maressa Brown
August 22, 2018

Kids all over the country are heading back to classrooms and strategizing about the best outfit to wear on school portrait day. For Laurel Boone Hutsell's son Carter, that outfit included a green polo shirt. And because the school photos were shot against a green screen, Carter's shirt made for  truly laugh-inducing results. Hutsell took to Facebook and Love What Matters to share Carter's photos, and they're understandably going viral.

On Love What Matters, Hutsell wrote that when Carter got home from school that day, he said, "Mom, I shouldn’t have worn the green shirt for pictures. It will blend in with the green screen they used." Her response: "They used a green screen? What?! I probably should have read some fine print. Maybe they will be ok."

She elaborated, "Was there fine print about a green screen? I have no idea. I don’t remember seeing any papers about pictures, especially since it was the first day of school. And we receive so many emails from both the middle and elementary schools, I have to admit I don’t always pay close attention like I should. So I might have missed the memo on that.

Two days later, after both boys were already at school, I opened my email. I see ‘Carter’s picture is here. Place your order today!’ I couldn’t wait to see how great his smile, hair and shirt looked.

As soon as I saw the proofs, I had to look again. Out loud I said to myself ‘Oh my gosh. He was right. That’s exactly what happened.’ I could not stop laughing. Each picture was better than the next. The flags? That autumn scene with the fence? I really couldn’t believe my handsome boy’s head and arms were just floating there. I showed my husband and we got such a good laugh from it. And guess what? His smile and hair are PERFECT! HA!"

Since the photos have gone viral, Hutsell says she's received tons of comments from people who find them endlessly entertaining. "Some of the comments on the pictures have been hilarious, like, 'Don't just love the flag. BE the flag!'" she tells "And lots of quoting Pink Floyd's 'Brick in the Wall' song on the one with the gray bricks in the background."

The mishap even caught the photography company's attention, and they reached out to the Hutsells. "They have been great," she tells "They were able to fix them, and they look just perfect."

Although the corrected images are probably more suited to framing than the funny options, Carter may have started a trend. Hutsells shares that parents are joking about having their kid recreate their own versions of Carter's photos. Hutsell says some commenters have written, "My kid is definitely wearing a green shirt this year!" Only time will tell if they follow through with the goof for real, but in the meantime, the whole internet is cracking up over Carter's school photos. Clearly, he's never going to forget seventh grade! 


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