Thanks to the retailer’s re-branding, the stores and the styles inside are all new in time for back-to-school season.

Gymboree Re-Brand Kids Clothes
Credit: Courtesy of Gymboree

As of this week, Gymboree stores look different! In addition to debuting store redesigns that give parents more stroller-maneuvering room, the California-based company has relaunched all the clothing to be less matchy-matchy and more fashion-forward with a style that appeals to parents and all-new soft, stretchy fabric that hooks the kiddos.

Gymboree Store Front
Credit: Courtesy of Gymboree

The main style difference for the clothes are simpler, more modern graphics. So, for instance, when it's Halloween, you may not see pumpkins all over everything, but you will see some sly dancing skeletons on a T-shirt that could be worn year-round. If there's a message written on a shirt it's simple (not snarky!). Finally, many of the new cuts, colors, and patterns are not overtly unisex, but many of the shirts and jeans can work for boys or girls—a trend we're seeing throughout the kid-clothes industry.

Gymboree's new jeans were designed with the help of an adult-denim designer who added tons of details, from zippers to rips to faux painted-on designs. Every piece of denim has some stretch to it so both the pants and the jackets are comfy—and, there are lots of pockets! Everyone loves pockets.

One thing that hasn't changed: The stores still offer socks, pajamas, underwear, and outwear so you can stock up on everything in one place. New are in-store add-ons from fun partners including Minnetonka MoccasinsSwell water bottles, and Parkland backpacks.

Gymboree's baby section will cover birth through size 3T, and the kid section will be sizes 3 to 14, so there's a little crossover room for the preschoolers. (In diapers? Head for the baby section! On to underwear? Go for the kids!) Soon there will also be a new Gymboree app, too, that will be less transactional and more other words, something for the kids to play around on while you shop!

Entertainment Editor Jessica Hartshorn has bought a lot of Gymboree clothes for her two kids and is excited to show their new gold jacket in the upcoming September issue.