Buying Products As A New Mom

Ilana Wiles gives advice on what products to buy when you become a new mom.


[MUSIC] I think new moms sometimes get so caught up in doing so much research to make sure, making sure they're getting the best bottle or the best pacifier, the best stroller. And in reality, a lot of them will do the job well, and you don't have to, like, be so stressed out over whether you've made the right decision. And there's also, there's tons of things that you don't need, like you find out when you have your second kid that, you know, you can walk around with like a diaper in your, in your purse and a wipe, and it doesn't necessarily have to be everything under the sun. Like so that you have everything at the ready. And your kid's still fine. So, you can you can relax a little bit, you know, about all the products that are out there, and and be a little bit more minimal about it.

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