For busy families, back-to-school season means more than a shopping trip for school supplies.

By Kelly Bryant
August 27, 2018
Mother Sending Child Off To School
Credit: MiniStocker/Shutterstock

Times, they are a-changin', and we don't just mean the seasons or a new classroom for your kiddos. Back-to-school time used to conjure images of clean backpacks, new lunchboxes, crisp notebooks, and the smell of fresh crayons. While those items still remain symbols of a school year's start, busy parents and caregivers equate it with so much more.

A recent survey of 10,000 parents who use the family organizer app Cozi found that their top priority for back-to-school success isn't checking off everything on the classroom supply list. Rather, 47.5 percent of those questioned said they are most concerned with getting their brood back on routine. It makes total sense. A football team that isn't following the same playbook can't win a game. A family that isn't on the same page schedule-wise can't make it to school or work on time, not to mention that calendar full of extracurricular activities.

In the same vein, 38.9 percent of parents surveyed said their top priority for school success is organizing all of the new activities, events, and deadlines the year will bring. Priorities that followed include getting school supplies (7.5%) and buying new clothes (2.7%).

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Most parents can likely relate to the mixed feelings survey participants had about the start of the new school year. Although 36% of parents admitted that getting back into a structured routine is what they are looking forward to most about getting kids back in school, spending time with family happens to be the aspect of summer to which they're most sad about saying goodbye. It's hard to feel like you're truly getting quality time with your kids when most of it is spent in the car getting from Point A to Point B, as opposed to splashing in the pool on vacation.

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Another sign of the times is how back to school shopping is changing. Cozi asked parents about an item they plan to purchase for this school year that they haven't in the past. More than 25 percent said they'll be shopping for a computer or laptop, a much heftier expense than the binders and markers of yesteryear. While that technology may come with a higher price tag than a new box of Crayolas, look at the bright side, at least a laptop isn't going to mark up your walls. There's always a silver lining.