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-Well, new clothes are often synonymous with going back to school and you wanna have your littlest one looking good without breaking the bank because that's the truth. Today wardrobe consultant, Debbie Wright, is here to show us how to get the latest looks for less. Hi, Debbie. -Hi. How are you? -I mean seriously when you're paying $72 to fill up your gas tank, everybody is looking to save a block somewhere. -Absolutely, and there are such great options out there when we're shopping for our children for back to school. It's amazing. We can really make our dollar go a long way. -Well, that's what we're looking for. So, let's start with our first model then. -Okay. -Let's bring in, this is Alyssa. Right? And she is 6-years old and she is wearing what? -This is a wonderful outfit and a perfect example of really making your dollar stretch. This beautiful outfit; mini-skirts, boots, layered tee which is really big for this season and this cute little purse all came from a consignment store, thrift store, a chain of stores called Savers. This entire outfit was under $10. -Oh, my gosh. -All four pieces. -So, wait this is one shirt here? -This is one shirt which is a really big trend so the other thing you wanna show is that you don't have to sacrifice great fashion, you know, and necessarily pay a lot of money, you shouldn't really look great and look appropriate and do without a great cost. -I love that outfit, and the boots too. -And the boots too. -Wow. -And the pink and brown combination is certainly a big, strong color statement for this fall as well. -Very nice. Thank you Alyssa. As we bring in, Brandon. I'm gonna ask you what are some of the things we should be looking for when we are shopping in a consignment store? -Well, it's wonderful. A lot of consignment stores, I mean you can certainly look, they're the ultimate treasure hunt. I mean that's what's great fun about visiting them because you wanna look for those really designer labels, for example Brandon's shirt just a standard blue Oxford Ralph Lauren, brand new with tags for $5.99 at Savers. -A brand new shirt at a consignment, because that's what you see sometimes, people for whatever reason they bought it and they don't know how to use for it so they let it do a consignment so you can find new things there. -I should say, and in terms of quality, you wanna make sure it's not thread fair or anything like that. -Exactly. And the other great thing, what you'll find across the board with many thrift or consignment stores is they really don't put anything out on the floor that isn't gently used, that's kind of the phrase that they use. So, you'll find great quality garments and he is sporting the preppy look which is big for this season. -Loving as well. -And the total price on this outfit was $10, exact. -Unbelievable. Okay. Thank you, Brandon. -Thanks, Brandon. -And now we have 11-year old Alexis and she is wearing an outfit from Target which is-- -By the way one of my favorite stores. -Love. -Yes, you can't go wrong at Target. I mean she looks great, she's got the newsboy cap which is really a great statement going into middle school, she's got a great t-shirt because in a lot of cases when the kids go back to school it's still fairly warm out. -Sure. -So, we don't want show everything so heavy when you first enter school in September. Great denim, a mini-skirt which looks wonderful paired with leggings, and the wonderful ballet-- -And a little bag. I love the bag too. -Yes, the messenger bag. -And also the ballet flat. -Those are great. -And these are sneakers with a little bling because she's got kind of a plain t-shirt, simple look going so that adds a little glam that falls it altogether. -Yes, you look like a middle schooler to me. Alexis, thank you so much. -The total price on that outfit is? -This outfit was $30. -$30, okay. Thank you. Now, this is Willy. Hi, Willy. Also a middle schooler, 11-years old and also from Target. Will not Willy from Target. You need not to come from Target but the clothes came from Target. -And we started with some great dark denim for Willy from Target because the boys, I mean that's a classic, always in style and I think the jeans is $12.99. Great quality. In this layer look, again very big with just a little sleeveless tank underneath layered with a struck shirt, blouse with some front, not too heavy but brought in some great color which is also always a statement. -Yes. All right. We're ready for the 7th Grade, right? -This total outfit was $25. -Excellent. Thank you Willy. All right. And now we're moving on to 13-year old who is going into high school. Important to look good when you're going into high school. His outfit came from where? -His came from Marshalls and we went with this sporty look. We have the little Nike, just some really comfortable, breathable tee, golf tee and again dark denim which you can't go wrong, it last a long time, it always looks good, you could dress it up, dress it down. And this whole outfit from Marshalls was $19.99. -All right. Thank you, Arthur. And then our last model is 15-year old Krista. -Yes. -And also a high schooler, so this is I think a little bit of a touchy age, isn't it? -You want they look good and you want them to dress age appropriately. -Well, that's just it and she looks beautiful and any mother would really approve it the way Krista looked today. She looks beautiful, she looks fashionable, she tied everything together, we found this great golden metallic bag. -That's big for the season. -Which is big for the season, metallic are so strong for fall and the great color and the cardigan covers everything and it's very appropriate. -[unk]. -Very flattering and we did find to the other degree, you know, at Marshalls you can find high-end designer jeans which these are $7 for all [unk] which are, can be very expensive and these were $99 at Marshalls. -Yes, you buy this at a department store you're gonna pay-- -A lot of money. -You know about [unk]. -Exactly. And the shoes as well, the ballet flats, metallic to kind of tie everything together. -Love it. All right. Thank you for Krista. Why don't you stay here [unk] everybody else back in. -All right. Debbie, thank you. -And thanks you guys. -And everybody looks like they're all set and ready to go back to school. -Yes, so they say. Debbie has a great website by the way, it's Thanks so much for watching today. We'd love to hear what you think about the show, maybe some ideas. Send us an e-mail at And we'll see you next time.

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