Back to School Advice: Nighttime Routine

Getting the kids to bed on time after homework, dinner, and showers can be a challenge. Here are some great tips for a smooth nighttime routine.


-On an evening routine, we try to be very consistent-- particularly during the school week-- to try to get our daughter in the bed at a decent hour. -I think always sticking to the schedule helps, you know. Don't let it slip too much. You know, sometimes, you just like "Let me squeeze this little thing in." But then, kind of that drags it on and it delays the whole nighttime routine, and it throws them off. So, be-- going to bed at the same time, be-- they're well-rested, they are more prepared for the next day. And I think just sticking to the routine helps a lot. -Our bedtime ritual is-- for my second grader, he needs to have a lot more sleep than my fifth grader. So, we have him getting his pajamas early between 7:00 and 7:30, we put the lights down low, a lot of-- not a lot of loud noises, and he watches something that's very mellow like Curious George, not a lot of screaming, loud action cartoons. And he unwinds and mellows out, and then he goes to sleep between 8:30 and 9:00. -I think the most important thing that I can suggest is just to remain flexible. And if sometimes, the bedtime is late, it's late. And sometimes, try to get it in early when you can. But really just be flexible with the bedtime routine, and try to make it as calm as possible. -Consistent bedtime, I would say, doesn't always happen in our house. But if you wanna get them to bed early and on time, skip dinner, brushing their teeth, and bedtime reading.

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