Back to School

Back to school time. Here's everything you need to know to help your child get classroom ready. Pick the right supplies, transition back into the classroom, and gear up for a great year.

Back to School Lunch Ideas

25 Healthy Packaged Foods for School Lunches

Think of these seven themed ideas as fun #lunchgoals. They’re quick to prepare because we’ve used 25 healthy, kid-approved packaged products.

Brilliant Lunch-Box Ideas

Start the school year right with these creative and healthy back-to-school meals.

4 Quick Tips to Make Your Kids' Snacks Healthier

To keep your kids snacking on the good stuff, follow these easy tips from celeb nutritionist and mom-of-two Keri Glassman.

A Parent's Guide to Playdate Snack Food

Unsure what to serve on your kids' playdate? We’ve got you covered with the best munchies for your little ones and the parents who come to supervise.

5 Parent-Tested Morning Rituals for a Happy Day

These five ideas from busy moms and dads (just like you!) will have you feeling ready to take on the day.

More Back to School

Affluent Parents Are Poaching Teachers for Their Private Pods in the Midst of Public School Shortages has heard that public school teachers across the country are being offered a lot more money to teach kids privately during the pandemic. While it can mean potentially safer conditions for teachers, education advocates are concerned about what it means for low-income students.

Could Pandemic Schooling Bring an End to Perfect Attendance Awards?

Between remote learning, a lack of access to internet, and health concerns, we should not be focusing on attendance during a pandemic.