8 Subtraction Worksheets for First Through Third Graders

Whether your child loves math or struggles a bit with numbers, these free printable subtraction worksheets offer some great at-home practice.

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Practice and repetition are keys to learning. Subtraction worksheets can assist kids in memorizing basic math facts, helping them to become second nature. Some children also just enjoy doing subtraction sheets for fun. Try these 8 subtraction worksheets for first to third grader students.

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Single-Digit Subtraction

Single Digit Subtraction Worksheet
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

This first grade subtraction worksheet deals with single-digit numbers, which offers a great introduction to important mathematical principles.

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Color By Subtraction

Color By Subtraction Worksheet
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Your child can complete the subtraction problems on this coloring page. Then using the instructions, fill it in with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

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Subtracting Using Pictures

Subtraction using pictures worksheet
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

This math subtraction worksheet encourages kids to cross out shapes to solve single-digit problems. It's perfect for visual learners!

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Simple Subtraction

Single-Digit Subtraction

Does your child need extra help with these math drills? Encourage them to count digits with fingers or number blocks.

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Subtract Whole Tens

Subtract Whole Tens Worksheet
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

Once your student masters single-digit subtraction, practice with "whole tens."

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Two-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping

Two Digit Subtraction Worksheet
Eric Jeon.

Advance to more complicated mathematics by completing this subtraction with regrouping worksheet. It teaches kids to regroup or deduct numbers from the 10s to the ones columns.

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Regrouping Practice

Two-Digit Subtraction With Regrouping

This second or third grade subtraction worksheet also helps kids practice regrouping, which can be called "borrowing."

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Math Word Problems

Math Word Problems
Eric Jeon. Eric Jeon

This subtraction worksheet has six different word problems. They improve both mathematical and reading comprehension skills.

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