Toddler Discipline: Exhibit C

Laura Kalehoff, Executive Editor of American Baby magazine, records her son Julian's bad behavior to get discipline advice from Harvey Karp, M.D., Parents advisor and author of "The Happiest Toddler."


Speaker1- [unk] Speaker2- Jules, I am sharing it but it's just not-- I can't have you just walk around with it. Speaker1- Okay. I'm not. Speaker2- Jules, here. Give it back to me. Speaker1- Why do you need it? Speaker2- Because I need to keep it with the stereo upstairs. Speaker1- Why? Speaker2- Because I can't let it break. Speaker1- I wanna-- Speaker2- Okay, and it's not a toy. Speaker1- Oh, do you need to share it? Speaker3- No. He has it. Speaker2- Jules, I will share it with you. Speaker3- Goodbye. Speaker1- No, you won't. Speaker2- Yes, I will but I can't have you walk around with it. You can play it back in my room, okay? Speaker1- I'm not gonna play friend like anymore if you take things from me. Speaker2- Jules, you're not gonna be my friend anymore if I take things from you? Speaker1- Yes.

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