Toddler Discipline: Exhibit B

Chandra Turner, Executive Editor of Parents magazine, records her son Grant's bad behavior to get discipline advice from Harvey Karp, M.D., Parents advisor and author of "The Happiest Toddler."


Speaker1- And to think that I brought all of these toys and the clothes out into the hallway over the night so he wouldn't get into those if that matter and all of these books used to be in their room. Okay, Grant. I need you to clean up. You've gotta clean up. Speaker2- No. Speaker1- I'll help you. I'll help you. Come on. No. You're not going outside until you help clean up. You gotta help clean up. I know you understands. You gotta help mommy clean up. Come on. Speaker2- No, no. Speaker1- Come on here. I'll help-- I'll start. Pick up the diapers. See how mommy's picking up the diapers and you put them in the drawer. Speaker2- No, no. Speaker1- Yes. Speaker2- No, no. Speaker1- Pick up the diapers. Speaker2- No. Speaker1- Grant, pick up the diapers and put them in the drawer. Speaker2- No. Speaker1- Yes. We have to clean up the room. We can't have the room being messy like this. It's not safe. Speaker2- No. Speaker1- And it just doesn't look good. How are we supposed to get your clothes if they're all over the floor. Come on. Speaker2- No.

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