Discipline Tips

Need a little help with discipline? Try these tips and ideas to make discipline effective no matter your child's age.

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Is It Okay to Snoop on Your Kids?
You have to know where your kids are, what they're up to, and who they're with. But tweens and teens also have a right to privacy. How can you keep close track of their lives without violating their trust?
4 Discipline Mistakes Pushover Parents Make
Even if you’re usually totally in control as a parent, don’t be surprised if you fall into one of these discipline traps some day.
10 Biggest Discipline Mistakes You're Probably Making
Can’t seem to get through to your child? It’s easier than you think to switch gears. Here are 10 things to avoid when doling out discipline.
Is Your Child Acting Out—or Just Acting His Age?
If your child melts down, talks back, or ignores you, it could be because he’s still a little kid! Consider this a reality check.
How to Avoid Power Struggles With Your Child
Try these levelheaded ways to avoid everyday battles. 
Why Two-Minute Warnings Don't Work for Screen Time
A new study says giving a kids a warning before you turn off the TV or tablet actually makes it harder to end their screen time.

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You're as tired of the word as your kids are of hearing it. Follow a parenting expert's strategies for getting kids to behave by saying "yes" more often. Then sit back and enjoy the positive results. 
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When it comes to fixing bad behavior, moms are the real experts. Read on for smart strategies that will put a stop to whining, tantrums, back talk, and more.

Disciplining a Very Ill Child

How to keep things in perspective.