Discipline Strategies

Tried timeouts? Conflicted about consequences? We have discipline strategies to make your parenting more effective and positive. Start here for better results.

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How to Practice Positive Discipline at Home
Positive discipline is a parenting technique focused on kindness, trust, and connection. Here’s why some experts say it’s the ideal way to teach children right from wrong.
Time-In Is the New Time-Out
The decades-old discipline method is due for a modern, more effective makeover, according to parenting experts. 
Parents Outraged After Their Son Is Punished for Referring to His Teacher as 'Ma'am'
Teretha Wilson and McArthur Bryant raise their 10-year-old son Tamarion to call their elders “ma’am” and “sir,” but that politeness got the fifth grader in trouble with a teacher at his preparatory school.
Dad's Genius Punishment for 5-Year-Old Who Stole Is #ParentingGoals
This dad's discipline strategy for his 5-year-old son who stole a pack of gum is way better than grounding or taking away a treasured toy.
10 Biggest Discipline Mistakes You're Probably Making
Can’t seem to get through to your child? It’s easier than you think to switch gears. Here are 10 things to avoid when doling out discipline.

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Is Your Child Acting Out—or Just Acting His Age?
If your child melts down, talks back, or ignores you, it could be because he’s still a little kid! Consider this a reality check.
Would You Have the Guts to Teach Your Kids This Tough Lesson in Manners?
'Jersey Belle' star and reality mom Jaime Primak Sullivan taught her kids a lesson in manners they won't soon forget!

The One-Week Fix for Bad Behavior

My plan was to end my kids' whining, hitting, and tantrums in seven days. But first I had to change my own actions.