Spanking Children

What do you think about spanking children? Read about the pros and cons of this discipline.

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Mayim Bialik Makes a Strong Point Against Spanking Kids
The Big Bang Theory actress recorded a YouTube video in which she delivers an argument against spanking your children. Do you agree with her?
The Real Faces of Child Abuse—and How to Prevent It
It’s the secret next door, or even in your own home. Someone has reached a breaking point, and now a child is in danger. In an exclusive visit to a national child-abuse hotline, we learned from trained counselors who take anonymous calls from desperate parents—and find ways to keep children safe. 
Good News: Spanking Is on the Decline
A new study finds less parents are spanking children.
New Report Uncovers Shocking Truths About Corporal Punishment in Our Schools
Do you know if corporal punishment is allowed in your child's school? The answer might surprise you.
You Won't Believe How Many Kids Are Still Paddled in Alabama Public Schools
New data reveals that a frightening number of kids are being hit by educators in this Southern state. And guess what? This form of punishment is totally legal!