Setting Limits on Technology

When we give our child technology to calm them down, we are weakening the extent to which our children will turn to us. Here's how you can set limits on your use of technology with your child.


[MUSIC] When we give our child at two or three, technology to calm them down or to entertain them, we're actually weakening the extent to which our kids turn to us, as the go-to exciting resources. And you want your child to turn to you in those moments when they are frustrated or bored, or tired. You want them to learn physically what it's like to be held, and loved, and cooed, and comforted. And as they get older, you want them to keep coming back to you, not turning to tech. The digital [UNKNOWN] life has triangulated our relations with one another. We're not dealing directly. We're dealing with each other and with screens simultaneously. So at some point the, as a parent you know that there are certain transition times of day where you shouldn't bring your technology into the triangulated relationship with your infant or your toddler. Make sure you keep the transitions to school, picking up at school, those are important transitions to a little persons life and they want your undivided attention. Bedtime, bath time, potty training, times where you are interacting, you are everything you child needs, there is nothing a tablet can offer your child that you can't offer far better. [MUSIC]

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