Organize your kids' household responsibilities with our free printable chore charts and an app recommendation! These chore chart ideas will get your kids into shape in no time.

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June 11, 2015
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Need your child to sweep the floors, set the table, or feed the family pet? Teach the kids (from toddlers to school age) how to handle responsibility with these printable chore charts.

We have three blank chore charts, including a template for weekly chores, so you can plan what should be done each day of the week. And the easy chore chart has instructions on how to organize a colorful chores system for different kids.

There's also a guide to age-appropriate chore chart ideas that will help inspire kids of all ages to say "yes" to chores and help around the house.

Tween Chore Lists

Downloadable chore charts work great for toddlers and school-age children, but tweens and teens might not respond to these “old-school” organization methods. Instead, parents can easily make digital chore charts with Cozi, a free app that syncs across your family’s devices. Children can “check off” the tasks they complete on Cozi, and parents can track their progress virtually.

Cozi has several other functions as well; for example, parents can create to-do lists and shopping lists, a shared family calendar, a database of recipes, and a family journal. The app helps your family stay organized despite everyone’s busy schedule.

Click here to learn more about Cozi. (Free; iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android).


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