It Worked For Me: Genius Discipline Tricks

When it comes to disciplining your kids, sometimes you need to get creative in order to be effective. Look no further than these genius out-of-the box discipline tricks from readers.


[MUSIC] Bedtime can be a challenge. We replaced our son's regular bedroom light switch with a dimmer switch. We dim the lights at the start of bedtime to signal, it's time to end the day. Long car trips can be tough for kids, I give our son a map of our route to hold during long journeys. Each time we stop for gas or to use the bathroom, I mark the map with an X so he can keep track of how far we've traveled. To keep my kids on a routine, I use dry erase markers on the sliding glass doors in our kitchen to list upcoming activities, and even what's for dinner. When my boys are misbehaving in the car, we head for the car wash. I bought an unlimited pass. The sound and sight of the water and brushes calms my rowdy boys for three minutes. It can be tough for kids to be patient at the grocery store. I cut the labels off food we buy and glue them onto index cards. I make my list and give the cards to my son. It keeps him occupied as we both check to make sure we've bought everything. [MUSIC]

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