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Raise a Kid Who Won't Give Up
The real secret to success is not getting frustrated when things seem tough. These ideas will inspire your child to try, try again.
Learning a Foreign Language
Speaking a foreign language will give your child an edge in the job market. But with few grade schools teaching one, how can you give her the early start she needs?
Raise a Nature Lover
Kids blossom when they head outside—but you may need to shut off your screens and nudge them out the door. While you're at it, go yourself.
Great Expectations: Positive Ways to Encourage Extracurricular Activities
Are we too eager to help our kids find something they excel at? Experts share realistic ways to nurture your child's talents.
Active Learners: Why Kids Need PE
Exercise isn't only good for your child's body; it also helps shape his mind. So why are schools cutting phys ed and outdoor play from the curriculum?
Thrive in 2025: Inspire Creativity
Reading and math are the priorities for schools, but out-of-the-box thinking skills will be the key to a kid's success.