How to Help Baby Be More Social

It's never too early to encourage your little one to make friends.


-It's never too early to encourage your little one to make friends and he'll learn how to be more social by watching you. If you're friendly to neighbors and shopkeepers and warmly welcome visitors, he'll take his cue from you. Play Dates are a great way to help your baby being more social. Try to stick with small groups at first as larger groups might be overwhelming for your little one. [unk] your child's play dates only a few pals or less. Then as your child gets older and starts to feel more comfortable, you can join the Mom and Baby Group or sign him up for classes where there will be more children around. At Play Dates engage your baby's friends. Say something like, I love your new doll Emily. What's your name? Seeing you at ease with others will show your baby there's nothing to fear. If your child shows some resistance to social situations, give him a gentle nod. You might say something like, let's just go and take a look and stick by him. As your baby becomes more comfortable, you can hang back a bit and follow his lead. Don't push your child though if he's shy. He may end up withdrawing even more. If your baby seems too anxious around new people, comfort him and try again at another time.

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