Social Development

Help your child develop lifelong social skills. From elementary school to high school, we have plenty of tips and advice on manners, social situations, and so much more.

25 Manners Kids Should Know

Need an etiquette refresher? Helping your child master this list of good manners will get him noticed -- for all the right reasons.

How to Stop Your Child From Gossiping

Who knew the rumor mill started this young? Gossiping is a common pastime for kids as young as 8 and 9. Avoid drama and hurt feelings by teaching your child how to respect others.

Dealing with Stealing

If your child swipes something from a store, her school, or a friend, don't panic -- just learn the right response to this common situation.

Why Kids Tattle--and What to Do

Don't be worried if your child starts tattling -- learn the real reasons behind it to prevent her from becoming a full-blown tattletale.

7 Ways to Raise a Well-Rounded Kid

Surround your children with love, happiness, and encouragement so they have the confidence to reach goals.

Kids Who Just Gotta Win

School-age kids are competitive by nature. Teach them how to have fun -- and be a good sport.

Improving Kids' Social Skills

Learn about the social milestones your child should have at different ages and the activities that can help enhance social development.

5-Year-Old Birthday Gift Ideas

Your child's turning five! Discover the best types of birthday presents to buy your 5-year-old.

Parents Who Fight in Front of Kids May Do More Harm Than They Think

A new study says arguing in front of kids may alter the way they think.

How You Can Make a Positive Difference in a Girl's Life Right Now

Before you say "I'm not good at..." or "I can't..." again, read this. You have more to offer than you think.

Back to School: How to Help Kids Who Cry Easily

If you have a sensitive child, help curb the tears with these coping strategies.

Back to School: How To Help Kids Make New Friends

Finding new friends can be scary. Try these ideas to help your child develop new friendships.

13 Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child Online and Off

Want a child who really, truly cares about others? Follow this advice on raising compassionate children from experts and parents.

Who's Easier: Boys or Girls?

When it comes to raising kids, gender matters. But our own personality and expectations may count even more.

8 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores

Don't let your kids drag their feet about doing household chores. Instead, inspire them to make the dull routines enjoyable and entertaining.

Why Competition Is Good for Kids (and How to Keep It That Way)

When done right, competition can help your children learn skills they'll use throughout their lives.

The Power of Birth Order

How on earth did your kids turn out to be so different from each other? It may have to do with where they sit in the family tree.

8 Ways to Enjoy Eating at Restaurants With Kids

Are you ready to let your child dine in a public setting? Try these techniques for a peaceful restaurant experience.

7 Steps to Prepare Your Child for a First Sleepover

How to put your kid (and yourself) at ease when he's spending his first time away from home.

Red Alert: Helping Kids Deal with Embarrassment

If your child gets embarrassed easily, you can help him deal with his awkward feelings.

How Well Do You Know Teen Slang?

TBH, you're probs low-key clueless. From savage to basic, here's what you need to know.

Tween Clothing Mecca Justice Just Made This Gender-Non-Conforming Boy's Dreams Come True

In a heartfelt open letter on Facebook, a mom tells the retailer just how much a shopping trip to their store meant to her 10-year-old son.

Back to School: Handling Worries

Heading back to school? Follow these four tips to help your child cope with school anxiety.

Back to School: When Kids Argue With Other Kids

Does your kid always need to be right? Focus on these steps to help your kids argue less.

Helping Kids Deal with Arguments

If your child's fighting with siblings or friends, teach her positive ways to resolve arguments at home and at school.

13 Things You Wish People Would Say to Your Daughter Instead of, 'Aren't You Pretty?!'

Family, friends and even strangers mean well when they remark on your daughter's looks, but wouldn't it be better if she heard something more meaningful?