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Help your child develop lifelong social skills. From elementary school to high school, we have plenty of tips and advice on manners, social situations, and so much more.

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How to Host a 'Sleep-Under' for Your Kid's Next Party

When your child longs for an overnight experience but isn’t quite ready for it, celebrate with a faux slumber party instead.
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6 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Kind

The best thing you can do to make the world a better place is to create a culture of kindness in your own home. Consider these ways to show your children why the Golden Rule rules.
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Why Tattling Can Be a Good Thing

You may warn your child against tattling, but pointing fingers shows your child understands rules. Here are some advantages of being a tattletale.
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25 Manners Kids Should Know

Need an etiquette refresher? Helping your child master this list of good manners will get him noticed — for all the right reasons.
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Who's Easier: Boys or Girls?

When it comes to raising kids, gender matters. But our own personality and expectations may count even more.
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It's Time for a Truce in the Boy Scouts vs. Girl Scouts Battle

One mom thinks it might be time for a new, less gender-focused way to look at scouting.