Illinois mom Angela Fellars sparked an interesting debate on Facebook when she discovered Calvin Klein has padded bras for 6-year-olds. 

By Lauren Pardee
August 22, 2018
Calvin Klein Padded Bras for Little Girls
Credit: Trong Nguyen/Shutterstock

Navigating puberty was hard enough when we were tweens, but as a parent leading the way for your angsty child, the task sometimes feels impossible. Girls, in particular, are challenged with multiple facets of puberty, which include a complete body transformation and all that comes with it like wearing makeup, dressing appropriately, and how could we forget…periods. In addition, the societal pressure put on young girls to look perfect and grow into young women quickly doesn't make things any easier. So, when we stumbled upon Illinois-based mom Angela Fellars’ Facebook post regarding her personal experience, we had to share. This shocked mom noticed that Nordstrom’s is selling padded bras for 6-year-olds made by Calvin Klein that left her thinking, “WTAF.”

Considering a size 6X is a step up from toddler wear, we can see where the shock stems from. Many parents chimed into the comments with concerns of their own regarding the limited appropriate options available for their young girls.

Although most of the responses to the post are against the padded bras, a few individuals brought about fair arguments.

Should we be confronting retailers like Calvin Klein and demanding they take responsibility for creating clothing that isn't deemed appropriate for young girls? There are no doubts in our minds that this topic should continue to be discussed until the issue is recognized and changes are made or more options are made available.