From training bras and that first period to cracking voices and facial hair, here's a parent's guide to getting your son or daughter through puberty. Learn how to help with acne, social situations, and more.

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7 Books on Puberty for Boys

If puberty has made its awkward entrance into your son's life then you might be wondering where to look for straightforward answers to some of the most toughest questions. These books will give your kid the facts to navigate the choppy waters to teenhood.

Would You Plan a 'Period Party' for Your Daughter?

Some parents are taking the taboo out of menstruation by formally celebrating their daughter's first period. 

4 Reasons Your Child Should Visit an Endocrinologist

Parents are increasingly insisting their otherwise healthy kids have hormone-related tests unnecessarily. Experts say to consider these issues in their context. 

Why Are Stores Still Selling Padded Training Bras?

Clothing retailer Primark is being blasted on social media for sexualizing young girls by selling them padded bras.

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