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Here's what you need to know about learning disabilities in children, tweens, and teens from symptoms to types to testing. Take our tips and advice and to help your child succeed.

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Your Child May Need More Services Than a Free Public School Provides: What Parents Need to Know About the Cost of Alternatives
I started doubting whether the public school could do any more for my daughter—but I had no idea whether I could afford an alternative solution
The Cost of Diagnosing Your Child's Learning Difficulties: What Parents Need to Know
One in five students faces a learning difficulty such as dyslexia or ADHD. Parents can either trust the school's (free) evaluation or hire a private evaluator—which comes with quite a cost.
My Son's School Can Accommodate His Disability but Not Mine—Virtual Learning Made it Worse
My husband and I are blind, and while my son's school was able to expand his IEP services during virtual learning, nothing was done to help us parents step into the role of teacher's assistant. It's not our disability that's the issue, it's the lack of equal access.
What Is Dysgraphia? When Bad Handwriting Is a Sign of Something More Serious
When your child is learning to write, messy letters may seem normal. But for kids with dysgraphia, no amount of practice will make perfect. Here's what to know about dysgraphia symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
Why Haven't We Heard of Dyspraxia?
Approximately six to 10 percent of people struggle with this neurological disorder that often affects motor skills, but very few know what it is—or how it affects kids.
How Parents Can Help Their Children Through a Learning Disability Diagnosis
The light at the end of the tunnel does exist for kids with learning disabilities. In this week's Teen Talk column, a young adult shares how his parents helped him feel learning enabled and more than his diagnosis.

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