Intellectual Development

What do you need to know about your kid's intellectual development? Here's everything you need to know to understand where his cognitive abilities are and how they are developing.

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6 Brilliant Ways to Disguise Learning as Fun

Plentiful playtime is essential to a child's development, with benefits ranging from improved mental and physical health to enhanced emotional well-being. And while playing simply for the sake of fun has myriad merits, it's also the ideal opportunity for parents to sneak in a bit of learning—especially in the long summer months.

20 Books That Encourage Empathy

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Science Says Kids With the Skills to Succeed Are Also Better Liars

Good news if your kid's pants are on a fire—a new study says they probably have the life skills they'll need to be successful.

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Counting on Their Fingers Is a Good Way for Kids to Learn Math, Study Says

A new study has found that using their fingers can help young children learn math skills more effectively than some traditional classroom methods.

The Surprising (Easy!) Thing That Can Boost Your Kid's Creativity

New research shows that encouraging your kids to talk with their hands can help them come up with more creative ideas.