Intellectual Development

What do you need to know about your kid's intellectual development? Here's everything you need to know to understand where his cognitive abilities are and how they are developing.

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Creativity thrives when kids complain they have nothing to do. Imagine that! Beat boredom with these expert tips.

Fine Print: Solutions to Handwriting Woes

If your kid hasn't mastered the basics of writing -- like letter formation, pencil grip, spelling, or spacing between words -- there's likely no need to worry just yet. Handwriting is a difficult skill and requires a healthy dose of practice. Experts explain how you can help him with his penmanship.

6 Brilliant Ways to Disguise Learning as Fun

Plentiful playtime is essential to a child's development, with benefits ranging from improved mental and physical health to enhanced emotional well-being. And while playing simply for the sake of fun has myriad merits, it's also the ideal opportunity for parents to sneak in a bit of learning—especially in the long summer months.

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