Do you know who your kid's friends are? The people your kid spends time with influence all aspects of his life and can affect his decision-making. Here's how to help your kid choose good friends and how to gently steer them away from trouble.

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Social media amplifies the normal growing pains of young friendships.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says this experience gives us the chance to coach our children to develop healthy boundaries and coping, for the digital world and the real world.
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It's not unusual for children to form homogeneous cliques and leave out kids that look different than them. But here are ways parents can help their kids expand their social circle.
How to Help Your Child Make Friends
Is your child having trouble developing friendships? Help him feel more confident with these tips and activities for making friends at school.
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When school begins, so do playground weddings. How should you cope with a bad case of puppy love?

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