Do you know who your kid's friends are? The people your kid spends time with influence all aspects of his life and can affect his decision-making. Here's how to help your kid choose good friends and how to gently steer them away from trouble.

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My Child Feels Left Out When Her Friends Post Photos Together On Social Media
Social media amplifies the normal growing pains of young friendships.'s "Ask Your Mom" columnist, Emily Edlynn, Ph.D., says this experience gives us the chance to coach our children to develop healthy boundaries and coping, for the digital world and the real world.
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5 Ways to Help Children Be More Inclusive of Other Kids
It's not unusual for children to form homogeneous cliques and leave out kids that look different than them. But here are ways parents can help their kids expand their social circle.
Study Shows The Best Kinds of Friends Are The “Mean” Ones
So if you’re lucky enough to have a Dorothy in your life, do your best to keep her around—sassy quips and all.
How to Help Your Kid Keep Long-Distance Friendships
Thanks to new video-chat platforms geared toward the youngest internet consumers, kids can easily maintain and grow relationships with faraway friends and family. 
4 Ways to Help Your Child Bond With Playmates Who Have Special Needs
It’s not about pity or charity. When a child finds common ground with a peer who has special needs, the payoff is powerful—for both kids.

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Is your child having trouble developing friendships? Help him feel more confident with these tips and activities for making friends at school.