Do you know who your kid's friends are? The people your kid spends time with influence all aspects of his life and can affect his decision-making. Here's how to help your kid choose good friends and how to gently steer them away from trouble.

How to Handle Your Child's First Crush

When school begins, so do playground weddings. How should you cope with a bad case of puppy love?

Sibling Squabbles and Fighting

Kids fight over everything from the TV to who gets to sit next to Daddy at dinner. Short of locking each child up in a separate room, what's a parent to do?

What to Do When Kids Feel Left Out

Someone often feels left out when odd numbers play together, but you can set ground rules to avoid trio trouble.

All About Cliques

Why cliques form at a young age and how to overcome them.

Social Security: Help Kindergarten Kids Make Friends

Help your child make kindergarten buddies before school even starts.

Teach Your Child the Rules of Trading Toys

Trading toys can be a great way for your child to develop social skills. But sometimes the trades can hit some snags. Help your kid master the rules of swapping so he comes away with satisfying exchanges.

Is Your Kid Ready for a Best Friend?

There are pros and cons to having a best buddy. Help your child navigate the relationship.

"My Grade-Schooler Is a Loner"

Jan Faull, MEd, on how parents can help their child make friends, plus how they can demonstrate being a good friend.

How to Help Your Child Make Friends

Is your child having trouble developing friendships? Help him feel more confident with these tips and activities for making friends at school.

Teaching Your Kids About Love and Romance

If your kid has an innocent crush this Valentine's Day, you can teach age-appropriate love lessons.

Cliques: Frequently Asked Questions

An expert eases parents' concerns about cliques.

Back to School: How To Help Kids Make New Friends

Finding new friends can be scary. Try these ideas to help your child develop new friendships.

Help Your Child Build Friendships

Your child's friendships are bound to have ups and downs, but the right approach can help her smooth the bumps. Try these strategies to deal with common social snags. Plus, find out which books your kid can read to learn more about good friendship practices.

Dealing with Kids' Fickle Friendships

When every day is full of friendship drama for grade-schoolers, should parents step in? Parenting expert Jan Faull, MEd, gives advice on dealing with kids' friendships.

Social Complex: Navigating the New Rules of School-Age Friendships

How to help your child handle five tough social challenges.

"My Teen Actor Son Gets Teased!"

Jan Faull, MEd, on helping a couple show support for their theater-loving son, and deal with taunts that he's gay.

Kids and Secret Clubs

Children often like the idea of secret clubs. But if the club is exclusive or stops your child from meeting new friends, you should encourage him to expand his circle.

Coping With Put-downs

Teasing from classmates can bruise young egos. Here's what to do to help your child through tough times on the playground.

4 Ways to Help Your Child Bond With Playmates Who Have Special Needs

It's not about pity or charity. When a child finds common ground with a peer who has special needs, the payoff is powerful--for both kids.