Should you be worried if your 8-year-old starts talking about boyfriends? Most of the time, it's better to take it in stride.

By La Colombe
October 05, 2005
Raphael Buchler

Q: My 8-year-old daughter and her friends are always talking about their "boyfriends." I don't think they're old enough for this. Should I say something?

A: This kind of talk is starting to appear among younger and younger kids, but it's still just talk. "To an 8-year-old, having a 'boyfriend' does not mean having an exclusive or physical relationship with a boy," states Rose McAloon, Ph.D., a family therapist in New York City. "It means having something fun to whisper about with her girlfriends."

If you're really concerned, try asking your daughter a mildly probing question, such as "What's all this talk about boyfriends?" or "What do you think it means to have a boyfriend?" It's unlikely that you will hear anything you need to worry about. "This is a perfectly normal stage in a child's emotional and sexual development," says Dr. McAloon.

Whatever you do, it isn't a good idea to lecture your daughter about being too young for boyfriends, Dr. McAloon warns. "Because your child isn't thinking what you are thinking about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships to begin with, that will only stir up her anxiety," she explains.

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