What to say when tragedy affects someone your child knows.


What do you do when a tragic event affects someone your child knows? My child's teacher has a family member missing and as a result is away from school for a while. What should I tell my child?


How you deal with this will depend on the age of your child. A preschooler may not even question her teacher's absence. If your child does question you about her teacher, you might give a simple explanation like, "She's having a problem at home and will be back in school as soon as she can." Remember that when the teacher finally does return to class, she will provide her own explanation.

For a child over the age of 6, the teacher's absence is more likely to elicit questions. Explain the situation in words your child can understand. Encourage her to express her feelings -- her sadness, fears, and worries. You might want to help an older child make a card to send to her teacher.

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