Horoscope for an Aries Baby

Patience is definitely required to wrangle in this bundle of energy! Your little Ram, born between March 21 and April 19, is full of independence, according to astrology. But be prepared for temper tantrums from your Aries baby if things don'€™t go his way.


[MUSIC]. Whoa, the Aries child is a little bundle of energy. So it's no surprise he'll be a natural born leader, independent and confident. This also means he'll want to do as much as possible without your help. And that's a good thing, whether he's feeding himself or attempting to get dressed, he's learning important life skills. That high self esteem might lead him to become an entrepreneur or CEO someday. Chances are he'll have a lot of passion too. So encourage him to participate in sports. The Aries type likes to be the center of your attention all the time. Shower him with love. But also set some limits. Help him discover some hobbies to channel his enthusiasm when you can't entertain him. Parenting an Aries baby requires a lot of patience to deal with impulsive or impatient behavior. Be prepared because she likes to get things her way and might become bossy or demanding if she doesn't. Teach your Aries tyke to learn from failures. Doing so will help them develop a sense of pride and make you proud at the same time. [MUSIC]

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