Horoscope for a Taurus Baby

While babies with this zodiac sign can be stubborn, Taurus babies, born between April 20 and May 20, also enjoy a little snuggle time. Your Bull is a creature of habit, so ignore any horoscope that tells you to indulge in a whim and skip routine playdates.


[MUSIC] Taurus babies are sweet and affectionate, so you'll get plenty of snuggle time together. When she's older, your kid will likely want to spend time outside because Taurus children are drawn to nature. Help her tend a small garden, or take care of the family pet. It will keep her entertained and as a bonus, she'll learn some responsibility too. She'll also be practical, resourceful, and when the time comes for it, she'll be good with money. These skills will open up a wide variety of career options in the future whether it be indoors such as a banker or chef or outdoors, like a landscape designer or a gardener. Prepare yourself though. Taurus can be stubborn. There's a reason the sign symbol is a bull after all. Your child will resist change and crave routine. So make things as painless as possible by sticking to a consistent routine each day. And when a transition is inevitable, give her plenty of advance notice by talking her through the steps. Keep that in mind and you'll both be just fine. [MUSIC]

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