Horoscope for a Scorpio Baby

Scorpio babies are little detectives in the making. These tiny Scorpions are naturally drawn to mysteries and may keep a few themselves! Astrology reveals that babies born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21 are very perceptive of emotions, including their own, so be careful to not let frustration get the best of you.


[MUSIC] The Scorpio child is often intense and hard to read. This can make raising one a challenge. So you'll need plenty of patience. She may appear calm on the outside. But there's often a lot of passion hidden beneath. Understanding this is key. It make her come across as detached or distant, when really you need to draw her out and encourage her to express her true feelings. She's good at holding grudges. So be sure to teach her the importance of forgiveness and balance. And she's perceptive of other's emotions. So be careful of how you display frustration or anger in front of her. Her strong will and intuitive nature will draw her towards mysteries and suspense. In the future, she may gravitate towards a career as a private investigator or a researcher, where she can discover answers to complex questions. Scorpio tends to be better at expressing herself through art. So encourage her to take up a musical instrument or art classes. Then watch her inner rock star emerge when you direct her towards the spotlight. [MUSIC]

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