Horoscope for a Pisces Baby

Get ready for extra cuddle time with your Pisces baby, born between Feb. 19 and March 20. According to her horoscope, she'€™ll need extra love and attention as she grows, so don'€™t waste an opportunity to show this little dreamer how much you care.


[MUSIC] The sensitive Pisces baby needs a secure and nurturing environment to feel comfortable. Soothe her with soft music, gentle massages, and plenty of hugs and kisses. Your cuddly newborn will feel more secure if you carry her in a sling when you go out. Or even when you're just wandering around the house. And as she grows, she'll still crave lots of encouragement and affection. Pisces is a dreamer, so she'll likely spend a lot of time in her own imagination. An artsy and creative career, such as film maker or photographer, would suit her well. It's fine to encourage her fantasies, but try to keep her grounded in real life too. Enforcing a daily routine with some structure should do the trick. Her gullible nature may let others take advantage of her, so be on your guard. And she'll be loving and kind-hearted and may want to take care of every underdog and outsider she comes across. Taking care of a family pet, or volunteering in the community should fulfill this need. It might even help her earn some loyal friends too. [MUSIC]

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