Horoscope for a Libra Baby

Everything must remain in balance for your Libra baby, born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22. She'€™s sweet and loves her siblings, but any family rifts may cause her discomfort. Don'€™t worry, children with this zodiac sign always find a way to make the stars realign.


[MUSIC] Libras are lovers, not fighters. Your kid will likely be the peacemaker in the family, and any conflict will cause distress for him. To avoid this, he'll be affectionate with brothers and sisters. At least you don't have to worry about sibling rivalry. He's good at compromises, and aims to please everyone. Libra's sign is a scale after all. These traits might make him perfect for a career in counseling or human resources someday. While his ability to negotiate is certainly admirable, it can make him indecisive if he's worried about offending someone. You want to teach him to voice his opinions, and stand up for himself in a polite way when necessary. A little disagreement once in a while is inevitable after all. The sweet manner of your Libra child will earn him plenty of friends. So give your social butterfly plenty of playdates and extra-curricular activities. He's likely both creative and athletic. So art lessons or sports team are both great options. And graceful Libras also love dancing. So turn up some music and bust a move together for some fun family bonding. [MUSIC]

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