Horoscope for a Gemini Baby

Moms of Gemini babies, be prepared: Your horoscope reveals that you'€™ve got quite the curious child on your hands. Make sure any children with this zodiac sign--born from May 21 to June 20--are always entertained and engaged, which should help keep their mischievous sides at bay.


[MUSIC] Gemini's are known for being curious and you will notice that right from the get go. Your baby's quick mind will need constant stimulation to keep her occupied. So have plenty of toys on hand, read to her often and take her with you on errands, so she can see as much of the world as possible. She'll likely start talking at an early age and once she starts, it may seem like she'll never stop. As she gets older, her inquisitive nature will make her want to touch and explore everything. So be sure to keep her under close supervision and child proof your home accordingly. Channel that energy into plenty of play days instead. You little social butterfly will likely be the center of attention. Her outgoing manner and desire to know everything could be perfect for a career as a journalist or as a teacher. Thanks to all of those interests, Gemini kids may become indecisive. Don't let her change her mind too often. Encourage her to focus on particular skills or activities like playing an instrument or writing stories. As a bonus this will prevent her mischievous side from making an appearance. [MUSIC]

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