Horoscope for a Cancer Baby

Babies whose astrological sign is Cancer love being at home surrounded by family. Keep your little Crab--born from June 21 to July 22--comfortable by sticking to a routine, as kids with this zodiac sign tend to not like going out of their comfort zone.


[MUSIC] Your sweet and sensitive Cancer baby will develop strong bonds with mom and dad quickly. He is one of the family oriented signs and is most comfortable at home surrounded by loved ones. As an infant, he'll probably cry when separated from you. So soothe him with hugs and gentle back rubs. And when you go out, let him bring along a soft blanket or familiar stuffed animal to keep him calm. A consistent routine with meals and bedtime will be a huge help too. And remember, while he might not like going out of his comfort zone, it's important for his development to experience new things. Vulnerable cancer kids need their privacy, but you'll want to encourage him to speak openly about his feelings, too. Letting him care for plants or pets will bring out his nurturing side and provide him with some emotional security. His kindness and desire to help others will lend perfectly to a future career in hospitality, education or in the medical field. And hopefully, he won't be too far from home. [MUSIC]

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